Australias Got Talent 2019 Contestant News Review

Australia’s Got Talent 2019 Contestant News Review

In May 2019, Nicole Scherzinger, Shane Jacobson, Manu Feildel & Lucy Durack are the series judges, and Ricki-Lee Coulter will be the series host. Australia’s Got Talent 2019 Contestant News Review.


The Final – Aussie viewers blasted Channel 7 when the voting app for last night’s grand final crashed.

Judges Shane Jacobson, Lucy Durack, Nicole Scherzinger, and Manu Feildel whittled the top 10 acts down to the final four in last night’s episode.

The episode was prerecorded an ending crowning each of the four finalists as the winner was filmed.

Channel 7 then tallied the live votes last night to determine which ending would be played on TV.

In the end, the highest number of votes went to mum-of-three Kristy Sellars, who won the $100,000 prize performed to Unsteady by X Ambassadors.

Congratulations to Kristy for her performances, hard work, and enduring spirit to make this all happen.

That is a wrap. Earlier highlights appear below.

Sometimes the videos disappear or are removed, deleted without notice by the source.

Kristy wins AGT Downunder…well done.

Olina Loau sings an old song that didn’t sway the voters…


Apollo’s card tricks mystify the judges…

With his version of the classic John Farnham from the semifinal Mitch Tambo The Voice Australia’s Got Talent 2019 video


Larisa’s performance from the last semi-final.

Kristy Sellars visual performance rainbow dance will make your day.

Ricki Lee walks on and side to side…


Result Umit joins Akrobatika in the grand final…

Akrobatika takes the guest Golden Buzzer and a walk to the finale.


Umit has some comedy for us…

Semifinal Josh the magician and the rubick’s cube challenge.




Vospertron LIGHT UP the STAGE

Jennifer Anderson’s GOLDEN BUZZER performance.


Gayna Tension performs as Barbra Streisand on the Got Talent Stage.

JJ Semi-Final performance.

Lil Kookies dance their Lil hearts into the finals with this performance.

Watch the latest episode 9 here

Watch the latest full episode here – episode 8

Acrobatic Dogs perform tricks for you.

Sienna Osbourne Semi-Final performance released clip.

Sienna performs her warrior audition. Latest audition.


Acrobatics Group AKROBATIKA Receive GOLDEN BUZZER!


 Lucy Durack – Blind singer/pianist PAUL KAPELERIS, Sydney

Ricki-Lee – 15yo singer OLINA LOAU, Sydney

Shane Jacobson – 7yo comic JJ PANTANO, Melbourne



Female Stand up comedian act.

17-year-old Jayden Appleby floored the judges with his moving rendition Kodaline’s All I Want.

Here is a link to the video – Australia only.



New preview featuring Jayden Appleby.


There is something to be said for just being yourself and being vulnerable,” she said, “One of my favourite sayings is, ‘If you feel like you don’t fit into this world it’s because you were born to create a new one’.

Lucy added: “That raw passion is incredibly moving, I was floored.”

Full episodes here


Full episodes outside Australia Episode 2

JJ Pantano Comedian Got Talent AU 2019 video

Meet JJ Pantano,  a 7-year-old Comedian on this Season’s Australia’s Got Talent. JJ Pantano Comedian Australia’s Got Talent 2019 video.

JJ talks about the judging panel and love, careers and excuses… watch the performance to see the boundaries he crosses.

Tulga from Mongolia took to the stage. DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS AT HOME. Fire, danger, etc. he has been doing this act for 6 years and has support people.

Flipping Disc Dogz with trainers/owners Beau and Sim, they travel around the country with nine dogs and a cat. The video tells their stage act and winning over the judges.




Two episodes and two golden buzzer act…

Olina steals the show with this audition…watch

My golden girl Olina ? What a voice! I hope she wins the whole damn thing!!! ✨ When they told me I’d get a Golden Buzzer I was so excited… and when I heard Olina sing I instantly knew that I had to give it to her! She is an absolute STAR! ?@gottalentau #GotTalentAU – Ricki Lee

Paul Kapeleris Sings Rise Up Australia’s Got Talent 2019

Capeleris would have been “a lot more ecstatic” about if he knew what he had just accomplished and why a sea of confetti was falling down on his head, considering he’s also “a little bit deaf.”

“I didn’t know they hit the golden buzzer or that I got a standing ovation until after,” he told Confidential.

“I didn’t know if I’d been kicked off the show because I couldn’t see anything and I was thinking what is this stuff falling on my face, like what’s happening.”

The Sydney local, who only has five percent vision, was heavily bullied in school.

“I just didn’t want to go to school for a couple of months and then I started learning karate and it kind of went away after that,” he said.

“I didn’t want to get into it and if they wanted to do anything to me that was their decision.”

After perfecting his voice through lessons in just five years, Capeleris decided it was now or never to sing for Australia.

Taj Farrant Rocks Guitar Australia’s Got Talent 2019


Here is a new child prodigy that hits the ball out of the park on Australia’s Got Talent 2019. Taj Farrant Rocks Guitar Australia’s Got Talent 2019.

9-Year-Old Taj Farrant Blows The Judges Away With His Guitar – Australia’s Got Talent 2019

Furthermore, Taj told the judges that his dad took him to an AC/DC concert two and half years ago, and I was on my pop’s shoulders, and I said, ‘I want to do that for the rest of my life,’”

Chriddy Black Voice Australia 2019 Blind video