Australia Welcomes First International Travellers in 2 Years

Australia Welcomes First International Travellers in 2 Years video

Two reports (video media) from Sky News Australia featuring Australia Welcomes First International Travellers in 2 Years video.

Furthermore, the sample commentary from the YouTube Channel is polarized by different mindsets and data points.

Welcoming news for some in the comments.

Moreover, do your own research into your own health and be aware of the government’s restrictions applied to inbound visitors.

The first planeload of international travellers has arrived at Sydney Airport – after more than two years of being kept out of the country.

The Qantas flight, which departed from Los Angeles, touched down in Sydney at around 6:20am on Monday.

Any tourists would be crazy to trust the Australian regime and travel there.
Who is insane enough to willingly enter that open-air prison
To all in the comment section saying who would want to go visit Australia??? But in who solidly stand with the Freedom convoy goal of ending mandates and reopening borders what do you think this step entails??? Meaning perhaps you jump too far ahead instead of realizing what the bigger goal for Freedom is here???
Our hospitals can’t cope with more patients, stay home.

International tourists are welcomed back to Australia today for the first time in nearly two years.

Tourism industry leaders have welcomed the return of visitors – but warn it will take some time to return to pre-pandemic levels.

Sorry as much as you guys have been through, do you really believe that people want to visit. I hope it works for you but my lifelong dream of seeing Australia has been permanently shelved.

Gary Norman

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