Ashleigh Barty's Journey Highlights Australian Open 2022

Ashleigh Barty’s Journey Highlights Australian Open 2022

Ashleigh Barty’s Journey Extended Highlights Australian Open 2022


Here are several clips from the Melbourne tennis venue featuring Ashleigh Barty’s Journey Extended Highlights Australian Open 2022.

A shorter clip is also available below.

Congratulations to Australia’s Ashleigh Barty for winning her own National Championship. Her breakthrough ends a 44-year drought between home wins.

Well done to her support team, her fans, and to her!

Here is the full match replay.

From Championship point to the early rounds of the AO coverage media sourced from Australia Open TV via YouTube.

The Ceremony clip

Barty v Collins extended highlights of the final AO 2022

The shorter cut

The Second set cut

The first set cut clip.



Round Six

Semi-final featured Ash v Madison Keys. Here is the extended highlights SF

The short version

Round Five

Quarterfinal featured Ashleigh versus Jessica Pegula in this extended clip.


Fourth round result

Here are the clips and random comments found that summarize the round and predictions.
Plus top five shots from AO tv

Just like Federer Barty outsmarts almost everyone. Perhaps it takes Iga to challenge Barty because Iga plays like Djokovic. :/



Third round result. Watch her performance in either clip supplied by AO 2022 on YouTube.

Earlier clips see the link provided.

Ashleigh Barty vs Camila Giorgi Extended Highlights (3R) | Australian Open 2022


Jan 21, 2022

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