America’s Got Talent Season 14  2019 News Reviews Recaps

America’s Got Talent Season 14  2019 News Reviews Recaps

Here are all the new releases for the upcoming new season, new judges and host. America’s Got Talent Season 14  2019 News Reviews Recaps.

Moreover, Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Julianne Hough, and Gabrielle Union appear on the judging panel this season. Host Terry Crews returns from his Champions gig.


America’s Got Talent 2019 New Season production changes NBC Image Howie Mandel, Gabrielle Union, Simon Cowell, Julianne Hough, and Terry Crew.


Congratulations to the acts who brought their all to the stage and to the production this season. Many memories were made this season and the addition of Gabrielle with Julianne created a whole new environment for the audience. Terry was a great asset to the show.

Leona Lewis remembers last week with this video tribute to Kodi

The final show results for AGT Season 14

Final episode

The results will be revealed on Wednesday.

Blog Results Summary here


The winner of Season 14, 2019 AGT was

Earlier they did the final countdown eliminating nine acts…

and they drag it out to the top 5

Voices of Service v Benicio Bryant…America voted for Voices of Service. Benicio was eliminated. A young star well done.

Emanne v Ryan… America voted for Ryan…Emanne was sadly eliminated. She is a star and well done too.

V.Unbeatable v Ndlovu Youth Choir. America voted for…V.Unbeatable. Thanks to Ndlovu for the musical memories!

Kodi v Light Balance Kids…America voted for Kodi Lee

Tyler v Detroit Youth Choir… America voted for DYC!

Top 5 in no particular order…DYC, Kodi, V.Unbeatable, Ryan, Voices of Service.

Finishing in 5th place was Voices of Service, with a great past 3 weeks… memorable performances and mission. Good luck to them.

Finishing in 4th place was V.Unbeatable. Well done to the group and families back home in India!

Second runner up was Ryan. He controlled the narrative with his strength. Best luck to you Ryan.

Runner up Detroit Youth Choir, Mr. White, incredible, inspirational and well deserved.

Winner! Kodi Lee. Congratulations young man. He has changed America, next stop the world! The world can be a happy place.

Thank you to all the talent, production and our viewers. That is a wrap season 14!

Latest full episode release video – usually last week edition…9/10/2019 aired in the U.S.

The blog starts here after 13 minutes of introductions


V.Unbeatable dance group from India were the first act to perform, explaining the V = Vikas in their name was the initial of one of the cofounders of the group who passed away. Plenty of action, lights, and acrobatics, dance all flawless. How high do these kids fly? Exciting, dangerous, and Howie renamed V for victory. Gabrielle rock the performance. Julianne you absolutely crushed it. Simon this performance was a movement, authentic.

Detroit Youth Choir, choir, Terry Crew’s golden buzzer with conductor Mr. White and his people. They are bringing their fight to win the prize and they have a good chance! This is the moment! Yes, it was, flawless young people, showcasing youth talent from one city. Gabrielle told them they all shined on the stage. Julianne, you took us to another level. Simon summed it up well. Watch the full video for full comments.

Emanne Beasha child opera singer. Turns 11 years old tomorrow and the youngest contestant this season, Golden Buzzer at Judge Cuts, with her unicorn in support. She endured the instant save trauma last Wednesday. So strong, clear and effortless in her performance. Watch the video for performance and judging.

Ryan Niemiller, comedian. We meet his family at the VT moment. Watch the full act in the video featuring his various gags.

Voices of Service, singing group. This group follows the track of the journey of soldiers with PTSD and reflects in their performance. Follow the link for a detailed message about the symptoms and healing support for these individuals. Watch the full clip for the performance and comments.


Light Balance Kids, a dance group. This has been their biggest challenge working on stage in the dark has made them stronger working together to perform. Comments in the video.

Benicio Bryant singer. he has grown up watching AGT from the age of 1. He remembers making a wish that he would win the final. For his tenth birthday, he was given a guitar. This week he turns 15. Brilliant young talent. Watch and enjoy.

Tyler Butler-Figuero violinist, he is 11 years of age who is a cancer survivor, his vt featured other kids with the disease…he is also Simon Cowell’s golden buzzer act. Watch the video for the performance and comments.


Kodi Lee singer and musician. Gabrielle’s golden buzzer act his vt spoke about the music in his head, and it helps him communicate with us all. Flawless. Comments in the video.

Ndlovu Youth Choir, choir. The final act on the night and their backstory featured again. From South Africa, the children are from difficult backgrounds and now have dreams to fulfill. It is just the beginning of their journey.


Video Full Episode Live Shows Results


Watch Week 14 Live Show – Semifinal 1


Highlights Semifinal 9/10/2019

Results Summary of the second semifinal

Five acts advanced to the finale… some of the best acts were left without a place.

Alex Dowis, Enanne Brasha, and Ryan Niemiller are up for the save finishing in 4, 5, 6 places in the original vote. Why doesn’t five just go through? Ratings, revenue, and drama.

First act revealed… V.Unbeatable, Chris Klafford, and Dom Chambers were called. The advancing act was V.Unbeatable!

Second act revealed… Lukas and Falco, Marcin Patrzalek, and Detriot Youth Choir… DYC advanced.

Third act revealed was…Luke Islam and Voices of Service… Voices of Sevice… Luke was eliminated. Maybe a wildcard?

Fourth act revealed from the save… Alex, Enanne and or Ryan. I hate that they put a 10-year old through this traumatic event all in the name of ratings. Somebody should change the rule or stop child abuse.

Advancing via the silly twitter extra vote…Ryan! He was excited.

The judge’s vote was between Enanne v Alex,

Gabrielle voted for Enanne for her emotional singer.

Julianne voted for Enanne.

Howie voted Alex on his originality.

Simon voted for Enanne.


This week

V.Unbeatable, a dance group. Simon called them Very Unbeatable, your country will be proud of this performance. Everybody was on point. Dance is for everyone claims Julianne Hough.

Dom Chambers, a magician revisits the beer tricks, with some professional camera work and out came the mega beer, 2501 bottles made the count. Slick presentation and called Simon a genius. This may put you through to the final. Gabrielle, a beer cruise, so Australian in his performance, she loved him.

Was this enough to make it to the finale? Simon Cowell claims it was.

Luke Islam, singer. Julianne’s Golden Buzzer, aged 12, he wants to be a Broadway star, and one step closer to his dream, picturing himself on stage. Never Enough was his choice of song tonight and his performance was strong. Julianne gave people a voice to all those people who Never Enough. Gabrielle a world-class talent. Howie, you will be on broadway and your dream come true.

Lukas and Falco, animal act. Wildcard act, with Falco receiving talent agent offers to ditch the human. Howie wanted to give him the x buzzer, Simon told Howie was an a**, the others noticed several redos and a few mistakes, however, they kept trying to get the performance back on track. Loveable dog.

Chris Klafford, a singer-songwriter from Sweden. He is back with another original with a personal song, the greatest fear, losing that love that is dear to us. Howie, that song did not connect with him. Julianne called his writing is authentic. Gabrielle, she loves all his original and again anti-Howie. It takes guts to come out with an original. Cowell went for an earlier performance song was better and he should have sung it tonight.


Detriot Youth Choir, choir, Terry Crew’s Golden Buzzer. All the members talk to the leader Anthony White and spoke their minds to him via tape. We are champions, thank you. Plenty of dance and choreography in this performance. “High Hopes” Brilliant. The panel was so wrapped up in the love and everything it was amazing. Simon claimed this was as good as their audition, we all need a Mr. White in our lives.

Alex Dowis, an artist he lost the sight of his left eye at an early age. He will show his light painting to us in a short timeframe because life is like that. He styled a Remembering 911. Howie did not follow all of the stories. Julianne spoke about the light and the dark, and anticipation of the next scene. Cowell called it respectful and remarkable, watch it back online.

Marcin Patrzalek, a guitarist, was in danger of leaving the last appearance, took its toll on him. Standing ovation. Julianne thought it was an amazing performance. Simon called it his best performance by far. All praises from across the panel.

Enanne Brasha, an opera singer, she claims on stage she feels the freedom from all when she is off stage, a normal 10-year-old girl. Julianne called it profound and beautiful at the same time. Cowell called her a powerhouse, great production and she is brilliant. Gabrielle, you are an angel on earth.

Ryan Niemiller, comedian. Howie called him a funny and talented man who deserves to be in the final, same from Gabrielle.

Voices of Service, singing group. Each of the people in this group serves in the military or have retired, they wish to be the light for those who suffer in silence. This was their best performance to date. Their purpose is changing and service lives.


Week 13 AGT Live Semifinal show week 1…

Week 12 AGT Live Show – banner says “audition”


Who advanced to the semifinals?

Watch this memorable performance from Detriot Youth Choir.

This week is Quarterfinal 3 – another 12 acts perform for a place in the semi-finals. August 27, 2019

Dom Chambers performance week 3!

Marcin Patrzalek guitar took us on a ride.

Magic with Julieanne’s help by Eric Chien…chocolate and rubrics.

Who performed, watch the video(s) and the results show August 28, 2019.

Alex Doris, Luke Islam (Julieanne’s GB), Kodi Lee (Gabrielle’s GB), Voices of Service, Messoudi Brothers, Greg Morton, and the save went to Ansley Burns

Who went home!

Carmen Carter, GForce, Bir Khalsa, Sophie, and Emerald Belles.

Ansley, Sophie, and Emerald Belles are all in the save.

Greg Morton – comedian, known as the ultimate stand up act at clubs, colleges, and theatres across the U.S., Canada, Australia, and The United Kingdom. His performance in Episode 1409 consisted of performing impressions of characters from various movies.  He has shared the stage with comedy legends, Dave Chappelle, and Chris Rock! “You owned the stage, not only controlled…” Simon Cowell. All comments are on video.


Kodi Lee – singer – Gabrielle’s golden buzzer act. Kodi Lee is a 22-year old blind and autistic musical prodigious savant. He is one of only approximately 25 in the world today who possess his extraordinary abilities.  His audition in Episode 1401 consisted of singing Leon Russell’s “A Song For You” while playing the piano.

Luke Islam – young singer – Julieanne Hough’s Golden Buzzer act his audition in Episode 1406 consisted of singing “She Used to Be Mine” from the musical Waitress.


Leaks – Judge Cuts on air

Episode 9 in full video appears below.

NEW! Benicio Bryant Original Song Judge Cuts #AGT 2019 video

Does anyone notice that the American acts are being outshined by overseas acts?

Judge Cuts this week

Congrats to @BenicioBryant,



Golden Buzzer Jay Leno…

Emanne Beasha

Golden Buzzer went to  LB Kids aka Light Balance Kids.

Six remaining acts decided 

Greg Morton, Carmel Carter, McKenzie, Gonzo, Marcin Partrzalek, and SideShowOpera aka Nick and Lindsay!

Preview Week 3 Judge Cuts here

Edson & Leon – Edson & Leon’s audition in Episode 1403 consisted of performing acrobatic hand balancing feats including Edson lifting up Leon with one of his hands. Watch their preview.

Golden Buzzer – Dwyane 

V. Unbeatable –  The group auditioned in Episode 1401 consisted of performing an acrobatic dance routine in which the members performed flips, tossed other members in the air and performed acrobatic feats using bamboo sticks. Vikas on their shirts…from Mumbai India, six years ago Vikas became paralyzed performing and later died. Incredible performance. Julianne, WOW overjoyed. Dwyane was heart racing so bad after watching this… is your house! Golden Buzzer…well deserved … Dwyane is a legend.

Shown in this order…

Dom advanced…

GForce advanced…

Robert Finley advanced…

Bir Khalsa

Alex Dowis –  he is an act is also known as “Light Art Show”

Ryan Niemiller

all the other acts were eliminated.

Who Is Performing At Judge Cuts Week 2 – America’s Got Talent 2019

Adeline Bates – she auditioned in Episode 1402 singing both parts of Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole’s “Unforgettable.” while wearing a half-drag outfit.

Adem Show – based in the central Asian country of Kyrgyzstan.  They competed on season 2 of Asia’s Got Talent in 2017 where they were a finalist.  Their dance routine with robotic movements and contortion. During this performance, the group was dressed up as various characters from the video game series Mortal Kombat (specifically Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Noob Saibot, and Raiden).

Dom Chambers – From DownUnder he is an internationally award-winning magician and comedian, known for his modern take on magic, his viral internet videos, and artistic live performances.

Duo Fusion – Acrobatic Duo Husband/wife not featured during auditions.

GForce – is a young and spirited girl group made up of 5 best friends from the Greater Toronto Area. Members Ava Ro, Holly Gorski, Michela Luci, Sarah De Carvalho, and Sienna Pesino are known for their strong personalities and have a knack for setting and reaching goals.

Gingzilla  – based in London, embodies some of the most masculine-associated physical attributes: a luscious ginger beard, skyscraping height, and deep booming voice, all beautifully paired with the 7” high heels, stunning beauty and legs for days.

Izzy and Easton 11-year-old Izzy Howard and 14-year-old Easton Magliarditi are from Las Vegas, Nevada. They are members of The Rock Dance Company.

Bir Khalsa The Bir Khalsa Group is a group of extreme Indian men who perform stunts.



Alex Dowis –  he is an act is also known as “Light Art Show”. He was a contestant on the 2012 season of the Czech/Slovak version of Got Talent, finishing 2nd.


Robert Finley – He auditioned in Episode 1406 consisted of singing an original song titled “Get It While You Can.”

Ryan Niemiller –  He auditioned in Episode 1402 consisted of performing a stand-up routine making jokes related to his disability.

V. Unbeatable –  The group auditioned in Episode 1401 consisted of performing an acrobatic dance routine in which the members performed flips, tossed other members in the air and performed acrobatic feats using bamboo sticks.


Earlier – Judge Cuts Week 1

Brad Paisley will be a guest judge and he gets a golden buzzer to support his appearance. Any country singers? The list suggests a mixed bag this week, names appearing with little or no air time. Furthermore, others who are memorable from their respective auditions. The memorable acts include Andy Rowell karaoke, Klafford from Sweden, Emerald Belles kick dancers, Messoudi Brothers, Nolovu Youth Choir, and Sophie Pecora.

Summary: The advancing acts tonight were:

Golden Buzzer Brad – Sophie Pecora – singer…

Emerald Belles – group kick dancers – surprise result.

Messoudi Brothers acrobatic act advance.

Berywam – group

Lukas and Falco – animal act

Nolovu Youth Choir – dance and singer

Chris Klafford…singer

Dad joins three sons on stage in this performance.

Sophie earned Brad’s vote. Watch

Episode 6 Early release video – Robert Finley audition…inspirational 65-year-old Vietnam veteran sings an original song.


Week 6 final auditions before Judge Cuts… watch the full episode.

Week 5 Auditions full episode

Episode 5 air(s) on Tuesday, June 25, 2019, with two previews. Here is our blog coverage post.

Here are the full episode 5 auditions.


Episode 4 air(s) on Tuesday, June 18, 2019, with poodles on stage and a family…

Terry Crews and his flute session is just one piece to see.

Ansley Burns Singer 12 years old Aretha Twice video

Dominguez Poodles Performance video AGT 2019

Berywam – Beatboxers – This French beatbox crew is based in Toulouse, France. They competed in the Italian TV talent show Tú sí que vales. They also won the beatbox battle world championship in crew category in 2018. All loved the act…Simon called them ahead of everyone!

Andy Rowell – Comedian – He’s a Chicago based writer and comedian. He says he is a singer! It makes him feel alive using a karaoke machine. Simon called it so stupid he loved it. Julieanne called him brilliant. Gab, so wrong it was so right. Howie, song choice, exuberance, he wanted more. Four yeses!

Dominguez Poodle Review – Dog act –  Family affair forms this act made up of several dogs mainly poodles… Simon loves nearly every dog act. Four yeses!

RiRia – Flautist – RiRia is an actor and classical flutist who is originally from Tokyo, Japan. She moved to Los Angeles when she was seventeen and taught herself English. She made her first debut performance as a solo flutist with an orchestra when she was ten. No!

SOS – Card Magic His parents were quick-change artists on season 11, making it to the live shows then. He is a magician in his own right, wants to step out now. Watch the video for the performance. All the judges loved his performance and for yeses! Keeping it in the family!

Voices of Service – Singing Group – Voices of Service consists of veterans and active duty service member talent made up of musicians and singers who have been chosen to perform in support of veterans organizations. Sponsored by a group called CAMMO. “This is what we need right now”  – Simon Cowell. All the coaches, the audience fell in love with this group! 4k yeses!

Detroit Youth Choir – The Detroit Youth Choir teaches and develops students through music education, dance, and theatrical arts. The program is designed for youth between the ages of 8-18. Terry Crews…moved by his own child life in Flint Michigan…took matters into his own hands. Watch the video.

The Pet Psychic – out comes some woman who tries to hold a psychic session with Julieanne’s two dogs. No!

Ansley Burns – Tween Singer – After her mother uploaded a cover of “Cry Pretty” to Youtube, Carrie Underwood gave her a shoutout on social media. She is a gifted child, and Simon was smart to nix the backing track. A cappella and a drink will save her. Simon offered her both. “Well that just happened,” she said. More encouragement from Simon and Julieanne! Perfect recovery! Four thousand yeses! This is why we do this show! Congrats Ansley!

Melissa Arleth – Calling her act “Cirque du Sewer” this trained performer works with cats…and appeared on the Gong Show.

Brandon Coprich – Flautist – He calls himself “Dark Victory.” and is an all-around musician and performer. He also promotes himself as a model.

Marcin Patrzalek – Guitarist – He is a Polish percussive fingerstyle guitarist, composer, and producer known for combining fingerstyle, percussive guitar techniques as well as electronic and orchestral production. He gained popularity in 2015 after winning the ninth edition of Polish talent show Must Be The Music. He also won Italy’s Tu Si Que Vales. He came to hear and use music to express himself better…and his dream. All the judges loved what he just did…he murdered it according to Howie. Four yeses!

Adem Dance Crew – This crew made it to the finals of Asia’s Got Talent season 2. The Sacred Riana from America’s Got Talent 2018 won the season. Julieanne loved all the dancing movements which is right up her street. Howie called them “that is talent.” Four yeses!

Week 2 Full Episode video released while episode 3 highlights are set out below. Review our blog post here for all acts and summary

June 11, 2019 Episode 3 – highlights

Marina Marzepa

– Dancer/Contortionist – 21 years of age,  the Ukrainian artist appeared as a creepy/crawly 2018 audition for So You Think You Can Dance. The judges raved and Marina made it through to the Academy. She was also a contestant on France’s Got Talent. She claims to be labeled a tomboy at an early age, now she is here to dance. Watch the video for all the moves…she has the moves to advance…Gab called it amazing, strong precise and so good. Howie called her for standing up and delivered. Simon compared her fantastic act to Linda Blair Exorcist! 4 Yeses!

Dom Chambers

– Magician – 26-year-old magician from Australia. Dom performed his beer magic on Penn & Teller: Fool Us. He is personal and funny in his presentation…appearing glass of beer trick…standing ovation from all. Julianna called it so fun, Gab called him so refreshing. Simon called it an amazing audition, Howie called him the full package. Four yeses. Good on ya mate!

Carmen Carter

– Singer – According to her Youtube bio, Carmen performed with the Dancing with the Stars house band from 2005-2012. She also sang at the Superbowl with Maroon 5. She is 55 years of age and has not had the break and singing defines her. Tear Us Apart by INXS has never sounded so powerful for many years! Gab and Jules got to their feet early. Standing ovation from all. Gab called her a star and never put the star in a corner. Simon talked about her making her point. Howie talked about walking the 20 feet. 4 simultaneous yeses!

Charlotte Summers Leaked video Audition AGT 2019 watch

Charlotte transfixes the audience with her rendition of “I Put A Spell On You!” Charlotte Summers Leaked video Audition AGT 2019.

Moreover, she will be taking the stage on the next all-new episode of America’s Got Talent. She has well known from Hocus Pocus. Charlotte is from Marbella, Spain and …

Tyler Butler-Figueroa Violinist AGT 2019 Audition video

He has been playing violin since he was seven years of age and took up the instrument because of bullying. One flyer at school grabbed his attention to learn the instrument. Now he is the kid who plays the violin!

Full standing ovation of 4000 people. Jules commends him for finding something that brings him joy. He is feeling really proud of yourself. Simon called him an extraordinary… and you have such an amazing talent and wanted to say something to all the bullies.

Golden Buzzer


Episode 2 Tuesday, June 4, 2019

All the videos here

Episode two Highlights

Joseph Allen Howie Mandell’s Golden Buzzer AGT 2019

WOW this voice will take you on a ride 14-year-old Benicio Bryant Shines With “The Joke” AGT 2019

Simon Cowell says Benicio reminds him of Harry Styles! Does this 14-year-old singer remind you of Harry Styles?! »

Benicio Bryant – YouTube

Vocalist/ Facebook: Benicio Bryant The Voice Kids, teen singer, and songwriter.

Benicio “Beni” Bryant – Home | Facebook › Pages › Public Figure › Musician/Band

Benicio “Beni” Bryant. 2.4K likes. Visit my YouTube Channel:

Benicio Bryant Bio, Wiki, Age, Family, America’s Got Talent (AGT), The …

Nicholas Wallace is a clairvoyant performer who tries to scare everyone.

Light Balance Kids perform Iron Man Dance…a generational change with kids taking over this classic act.

Hilarious Ryan Niemiller is proof that a birth defect won’t stop him from achieving his dreams. That is 4104 yeses he received during the audition.

Adaline Bates duets with herself

Let’s just say that is “multi-talented.”

G Force from Canada was on stage showing girl power. Four yeses

We can all take some inspo from .

Terry Crews Joins The Messoudi Brothers For An Impressive Balancing Act

Benicio Bryant 14-year-old singer WOWs! with this audition. Reminded Cowell of Harry Styles audition many years ago.

Flexible Comedy guy – want to see more? Jonathan Burns is a walking billboard…

Danger act from India Karamjit and Kawaljit Singh of Bir Khalsa Group take this danger act to new heights by smashing coconuts and melons while wearing a blindfold!

Four yeses, with over 4 million views on Youtube at the time of airing.


Episode one highlights

Eric Chien Magician from Texas

He also won Asia’s Got Talent 2019 season watch here…/eric_chien_the_current_world_champion_for_closeup/
Oct 27, 2018 – Eric Chien, the current world champion for close-up magic, performs

Patrizio Ratto performs an unexpected combination of dance and playing the piano

V.Unbeatable Dance Crew From India AGT 2019 Audition.

28 members aged 12 to 27 years of age all from Mumbai India, with most of the group living in poverty. 4Y in unison!

Jackie Fabulous comedian

47 years of age from The Bronx New York, NY originally from Jamaica – she did her own divorce. 4Y!

Human Fuse Stunt man danger act… Mr. Brian Miser

After breaking 18 bones and getting countless injuries, Human Fuse attempts a stunt that will light up your world.

Kodi Lee is blind and autistic explained by his mother on stage.

He is 22 years of age… music has a big influence in his life… he is ready! 4Y

All standing ovation, authenticity, and inspiration…his heart and passion, heard and felt you. Simon what just happened was just extraordinary. Gabrielle gave him something special the Golden Buzzer!




The official release from NBC

America’s Got Talent is currently taping the Judge Cuts with celebrity guest judges on April 18th, 22nd, 25th, and 28th. This season, former Tonight show host Jay Leno, country music singer Brad Paisley and The Office and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt actress Ellie Kemper will serve as 5th judges.

The Judge Cuts take place after the initial auditions. In the round, America’s Got Talent judges–currently Howie Mandel, Gabrielle Union, Simon Cowell, and Julianne Hough–whittle down the number of acts to around 36. Those lucky enough to receive a golden buzzer from one of the judges or host Terry Crews during the audition phase can skip the Judge Cuts altogether. However, the Golden Buzzer is still in play at this stage. Each guest judge can buzz an act, sparing them the indignity of the end-of-show elimination.

The second series of AGT The Champions is coming!


Moreover, the ax fell on  Mel and Heidi for the new season. Award-winning actress, author, and producer” Gabrielle Union and actress, dancer, singer, choreographer and former Dancing with the Stars pro/judge Julianne Hough will replace them. Goodbye to Tay Tay and hello Terry!

“Our millions of longtime viewers have already embraced Terry as the host of AGT: The Champions, and we are excited to welcome Gabrielle and Julianne to the ‘AGT’ family,” said Trish Kinane, President of Entertainment Programming, Fremantle North America. “They are ready to bring a new level of expertise, energy, entertainment and fun to our judging panel.”


Latest preview first look at the new season – 2 minutes run time.

Reactions…the video showcases what you may see!

Furthermore, here is a new Tweet about Recordings in Pasadena March 11, 12, 2019.

The studio audience is loving new judge @juliannehough at the @AGT auditions! Come join the fun along w/@SimonCowell, @howiemandel and @itsgabrielleu at the @PasadenaCivic. It’s been a blast so far! Next filming is this Mon 3/11 & Tue 3/12. Tix are FREE: 

Julianne Hough released this tweet today confirming recording began today March 7, 2019.

America’s Got Talent 2019 New Season production changes

Revisit the Champions season here

Binge Watch all the highlights AGT The Champions…