AGT Finals America’s Got Talent 2018 Finale Season 13

AGT Finals America’s Got Talent 2018 Finale Season 13

Here is the final all the previews, news, and roundup AGT Finals America’s Got Talent 2018 Finale Season 13.

Two semifinals later and all the way back to the auditions comes the finale Tuesday and Wednesday night September 18 and 19 2018.

It does all come down to this as well as you!


Who went home?


The first five acts to leave the competition as announced

One of the closest votes ever in a finale….

Duo Transcend

Brian King Joseph

Daniel Emmet



TOP FIVE ACTS Season 13 – 

Zucaroh – dance group   Tyra Banks Golden Buzzer act.

Glennis Grace

Shim Lim



Who won $1 Million dollars…



Kiss show up at the start of the show!

Bebe Rexa and Glennis Grace duet on the Results show

The Struts and Courtney Hadwin – perform

Placido Domingo and Daniel Emmet duet AGT!

David Spade and Vicki Barbolak comedy up!

Michael Ketterer Courage To Love video by Garth Brooks new song

Intro and recaps Finale – Season 13 walk down memory lane!





Brian King Joseph – violinist was the first act to perform on the finale.

Dazzling all-white setting and playing his music then moves to a light-filled stage. This was an all-out production performance! Howie called opening the show with a closer, truly amazing moment. Mel claimed he delivered – all time etc. Heidi called him a fiddler. Simon called this amazing better than last week.

Daniel Emmet – opera singer

He has fought his way into the finale! Saved and then brought back as a wildcard.  A striking perfect original sound. Mel B loved the Italian language. Heidi – she called him unstoppable and a beautiful voice. Simon – you needed that performance, most powerful, way better than last week. Howie, you had fun, perfection the luck of the draw – vote. He sings his pitch to America! Brilliant.

Vicki Barbolak  – comedian

Trailer park video arrives on a pink and black cart to Queen’s Fat Bottom Girl. And she did the swimsuit competition! Stunning! The rest of her skit was in the video. Trailer Nasty finish, no shrimp. Heidi – loves her, Woodpecker and a big fat German sausage. Simon has an idea about Hooters and wants tv producers to sign her up now. Oh, wait he produces tv. Mel called it edgy, naughty girl. Howie – best act yet.

Glennis Grace singer

She is doing all this for her son, performing Light Up by Leona Lewis – one of the best covers I have heard ever period! Chills.

Simon called it absolutely sensational, claiming for her to be picked up a singing musical. Howie loved her, as did Mel B turning her world around, Heidi called her performance flawless.

Zucaroh – dance group


From Brazil, the leader wants to be a leader and nothing is impossible, being able to fly and encourages children to do great things.

Mel B claimed they may actually win this show. Heidi called them jaw-dropping, you guys are ready for Vegas. Simon – positivity America welcomes Talent.

Samuel J Comroe – comedian

It was all about his connection to his mother and their connection while she was alive.

Mel B called his delivery and homed in on his work. Heidi, she was finally won her over. Simon, the audience loved him and he could tell, a sharpness, giving himself a shot. Howie, called it subjective, best performance and his career just took off for him. He wants to be the first comedian to win the show!

Courtney Hadwin – singer

From The UK, influenced by James Brown music and changed her life. And she will leave all her effort on the stage!

Howie called her a superstar in the making. Mel B you killed it! You are a free bird, brilliant original and amazing. Heidi, recounts the youth winning the previous.. Simon, remembering performances is what she is about.. she is a trendsetter.

Shin Lim – magician

He explains he contracted carpal tunnel disease and had to choose between magic and playing the piano. He is close up cards and added some music to the performance.

Simon – OMG Shin, you have been consistently and added to the night his presentation, you could actually win the competition. Howie, that was a one million dollar act, and he sexy presentation a winning act. Mel B WOW etc you made its pure magic! Heidi, you are one of the best closes up acts ever on the show.

Duo Transcend! Trapeze and skating act

We revisit their history of how they met and fell in love. They work to achieve success for their family life and not travel away from their son.

Heidi called it exciting, and dropped him from the final! Simon, you two are in a different level, respect, sensational, best performance they have done. Howie, he was blindfolded the entire act.

Mel B her favorite part was dropping him in the end.

Micheal Ketterer – singer

A video from some of the people has touched including his family, very touching moment. Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer was the final act to perform on the finale!

Four chair standing ovation. Emotional performance.

Heidi, you are a man of integrity. Mel B you stripped it back, did it work? It is up to America. Simon, he would love to give him the million dollars.

HOW DID EACH ACT Get through to the finale?

Semifinal 2

VICKI  – comedian

Brian King Joseph – violinist

Courtney – singer

Glennis -singer

Judges Saved Daniel Emmet – singer

Semifinal 1

Shin Lim – magician

Micheal – singer

Zucaroh – dance group

Samuel – comedian

Saved Duo Transcend! Trapeze and skating act

Judge Simon Cowell, Mel B, Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandel. Hosted by Tyra Banks.


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Results from Semifinals both shows are in this video package!

Semifinal 2

VICKI  – comedian


Courtney – singer

Glennis -singer

Judges Saved Daniel Emmet – singer

Semifinal 1

Shin Lim – magician

Micheal – singer

Zucaroh – dance group

Samuel – comedian

Saved Duo Transcend! Trapeze and skating act

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